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Games can no longer be designed in isolation from the players then pushed out on the wave of a multi-million pound marketing campaign. Understanding how to attract players, motivate them, keep them, and then monetise them is now essential, and it’s meant that game design and marketing are merging like never before.

We believe that it’s just as important for indies and start-ups as it is for the more established players to make sure they get their names out there and start building a reputation. But these things take time and skill so it’s never too early to start.

If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. They need directions and that’s where we can help.

Press Space brings a unique combination of marketing, branding, PR, community management and training support to our clients. We do everything from one-off launch campaigns through to studio-wide brand strategy, and everything in between.


And if you’re a Ukie, TIGA or Full Indie UK member we’ll also offer discounts off our monthly fees for any new client, as follows:

Ukie members: 10% off all services, 15% of any retainered contract of six months or more.
TIGA members: 10% off all services
Full Indie UK members: 10% of all services


We’ve put together a series of support levels that can adapt to your budget, your experience and your goals – here’s an overview of our packages:


First off we’ll offer you a free consultation (there may even be cake) – you can tell us what you’re after, what you struggle with and where you want to be. We’ll give you some pointers and start to think about how we might be able to help you. If we’re a good match, we’ll move on to the next stage.

Press Space to START

We can conduct full brand and communications ‘audits’ on your game and your studio, giving you solid advice and guidance on how to improve all your promotional and marketing activity. From there we can move on and either help you implement our recommendations, or guide and train your team to do it yourselves.

Or maybe you’ve got yourself established already and you just need some extra hands on deck to create a great PR campaign around a specific title or event – we can do that too, working with you to make sure we target just the right mix of media and players.

Press Space to CONTINUE

If you’re a more established studio with a slightly larger game in development, or maybe a portfolio of projects, you probably need a broader marketing strategy, and ongoing support to launch a series of titles. We can do that too, helping you make sure that all your communications activity is focussed, consistent and effective.

Perhaps you’re working towards an Early Access release and want help to establish and build a community, or you’re preparing for a Kickstarter campaign and want to know how to make it most effective – we’ve got lots of experience here too.

Press Space to FIRE

We can also work with you even more closely, as an ’embedded’ member of your team. Large scale, long-term projects need a consistent brand voice and vision but you can’t always justify someone full time in the first few months, or even years. But we can provide that person.

We have a wealth of experience of working on large-scale projects in that way, bringing a depth of business perspective and advice to create extensive brand, marketing and PR strategies for studios and games. Our founder Natalie is currently the Brand Director for Radiant Worlds’ SkySaga and the PR & Marketing Director for Payload Studios’ TerraTech, and has helped to shape their brand, promotional and community strategies since very early in development.