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Indie developer Pete Morrish came to Press Space in October 2013 to help support the launch of his fiendish iOS word game Woodlouse. Released on 21st November, Natalie helped Pete to prepare a launch campaign to tell the world about his addictive ‘vowelly revolution’. A unique promotional challenge, Natalie worked with Pete to construct a compelling pitch and supporting videos to successfully sell the idea of his ‘gameplay-free’ game to a games media absorbed with PS4 and Xbox One launch news.

More information about the development of Woodlouse (including the full press kit) can be found at the official site here.

The game can be downloaded for free on iOS from the App Store here.

Pete was interviewed by PocketGamer about the challenges of launching a screenshot-free game and how Press Space helped him to get the word out. Read the full article here.


21st November 2013: Less is more – gaming just got simple as Woodlouse hits the App Store.