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CLIENT NEWS: Think you can blink? Think again. Old-school shooter Blast Em! speeds to PC, Mac & Linux. Eye drops not included

Think you can blink? Think again. Old-school shooter Blast Em! speeds to PC, Mac and Linux. Eye drops not included.

22nd January 2014, London. Veteran game developer Byron Atkinson-Jones today launches his highly anticipated retro-styled shooter Blast Em! from his indie studio Xiotex Studios onto Steam for PC and Mac in collaboration with the publisher Mastertronic.

Blast Em! is a return to the rock-hard-and-addictive games of the 80s. Take charge of a space ship and battle your way through endless hordes of evil alien robots terror-bent on your destruction while you try desperately to control your automatic blink reflex. Take your eyes off the game and it’s time to press the play button again!

Already attracting a lot of attention from its beta release, Blast Em! came to life after a chance meeting with the journalist Will Freeman in 2013 about a completely different game. Will is a massive fan of the shoot-em-up genre and given the chance will talk about the subject until you lose the will to live. It was after one of these epic chats that the seed of Blast Em! was sown and over the next two months it germinated into a fully grown game. Blast Em!  had a small experimental release on the developers own website but was then approached by the publisher Mastertronic who really wanted to publish the game.

Taking its cues from an old browser-based shooter of the same name from Xiotex Studios, Atkinson-Jones has crafted an intense new game that never lets up. With one life and an endless stream of unpredictable enemies, obstacles and power-ups to navigate, the non-stop action, frenetic visuals and thumping soundtrack have already got its early testers hooked, having been played over 11,500 times, with some of the testers playing it over 700 times each, some playing it 400 times in just two days.

The game is also intended to help students and aspiring indies learn about development. In addition to releasing the game itself, Xiotex Studios is also making the source code for the project available to buy. Support for the next generation of indies doesn’t end there though – he’s also sharing updated sales and marketing data daily in order to lift the veil on the challenge of discoverability for indie games developers.

Blast Em! Was designed and developed by Byron Atkinson-Jones, with art from Dugan Jackson and music from Gavin Harrison.

More information about the game can be found at and about the developer at Follow on Twitter at @xiotex.

Blast Em! will be available at:

$9.99 for the game but with 25% off in the first week.

$39 for the source code to the game but with 50% off in the first week.



For more information or for interview requests please contact Natalie at Press Space PR at: 07914 840004, or Byron Atkinson-Jones at:

Full press kit is available at :


Xiotex Studios was founded in 2007 by veteran developer Byron Atkinson-Jones, following nearly 15 years in the games industry including time at highly respected companies Lionhead Studios, EA, SEGA, Rebellion, Kuju, SN Systems and Introversion. An active member of and advocate for the indie development community in the UK, Byron is a member of Full Indie UK and co-founder of knowledge-sharing events network Indie Games Collective.


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