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In late 2013, Press Space helped indie developer Pete Morrish to launch his ‘confidently ugly’ iOS word game Woodlouse. It was a challenging campaign to put together as the game can’t be sold on screenshots but Pete explained how we approached it in a great interview with here.

A little over 18 months ago I gave a talk at the excellent Launch: Meet the Press event at Birmingham Science Park about storytelling, particularly via social media. Several people have asked to see it so I thought I’d re-post it here. My bit starts at  1:04:30 but I’d urge Read more

All the indie studios that I work with have a great understanding of the importance PR plays in their success but recent signing Byron Atkinson-Jones of Xiotex Studios chose to write a guest feature for recently to explain why he jumped on board the good ship Press Space. His Read more

PocketGamer’s Keith Andrew summarises Unity Marketing Director Darren Williams’ PR and marketing 101 from this year’s Unite 2013 conference. He gives some vital tips for all indies on how to go about planning your promotional strategy and stresses the importance of starting small and keeping it simple. A must-read for Read more

A fantastic piece from Will Luton for about the ‘celebrification’ of the indie developer. As we see the first generation of true indie dev superstars we’re at the start of an evolution of what it means to be indie. This is a must-read for all aspiring indie devs – Read more

A great overview from’s George Osborn on the importance of understanding and optimising how your game appears on the App Store. Some great tips and an excellent Slideshare tutorial. Check it out here.

For all those indies who are never sure what to include in a press kit or how to lay it out, the awesome guys at Vlambeer have created a free tool to help you. presskit() is available here and is a must-have for any indies wanting to launch or promote Read more

YouTube has been growing exponentially in importance for gaming over recent years, particularly as a PR channel for indie games. If you’re still not convinced it’s worth the effort to seek out the influencers then maybe renowned YouTuber Ryan Letourneau (aka @NorthernlionLP) will change your mind. He recently posted a Read more

There’s an endless debate amongst indies about whether or not to discount their game or put it into a sale bundle. Surely you just want to make as much money as you can out of all your hard work – you’re not going to give it away, right? Think again. Read more

This is a re-post of a guest blog I wrote for on 5th July 2013. If you’re a switched-on indie developer (and if you’re even bothering to read an article about indie PR then I’m assuming that you probably are) then you’ll know that promoting and marketing your game Read more