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A fantastic piece from Will Luton for about the ‘celebrification’ of the indie developer. As we see the first generation of true indie dev superstars we’re at the start of an evolution of what it means to be indie. This is a must-read for all aspiring indie devs – Read more

Fantastic piece on from the sage and wise Stephen Morris of Greenfly Studios on the real cost of living the indie dream. Some great tips in here about budgeting your time and your money, and plenty more besides. A must-read for anyone who’s already an indie or who is Read more

Working for yourself can be a strange and often isolating experience, especially when you hit a low and there’s no-one to bounce some positive energy back at you. Indie dev Sarah Lacy (@sarahofsandwich) of Utopian World of Sandwiches is lucky that she also works with her partner James Woodrow (@the3dwoody) Read more